Welcome to the New Garan Commercial Investment Club (GCIC)

Are you an Active Investor in Commercial Real Estate?

Would you like to learn about investing in Commercial Real Estate?

Have you always thought, "Commercial Real Estate is too Big for me to Get into ALone."

Do you own or are you trying to sell Commercial Real Estate Properties?

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GCIC is a new group of individuals wanting to earn profits in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) space. Whether you are a novice or pro; this club is for you. maybe you find a deal, maybe you find a buyer, or maybe you learn something completely new from like-minded entrepreneurs. at GCIC we all have the same goals: turning a profit in comemrcial real estate.

At GCIC, we take our members seriously. We will share insights on various aspects of CRE, investment methods, review deals and we will provide general guidance. 

Enter your contact information to be added to our mailing list and recieve your personal invite to our growing social media group on Facebook. You will also be notified (via email) of any club events for the upcoming year.

The GCIC is sponsored by the various companies of the Garan Commercial Group who are focused on commercial real estate in texas. 

Garan Commercial Investment Club